Melanit, Promotional Photographer

An independent creator in the field,

my client portfolio includes leading companies and organization.

“It is said that a good picture is measured by whether you continue to love it over time.

I must say that the new posters in our conference room are a delight and each time I look at them I like and appreciate their beauty even more.
The composition is stunning and the serum bottle looks “proud and noble”. Well done!”

Asaf Yuval, CEO, Premier Dead Sea.


“Thank you for a great shoot.  I was left with a great feeling at the end of the day. I enjoyed seeing the hospital through your eyes.”

Danny Mustaki, Israel Ministry of Health.



It’s stunning!!! It is unbelievable what you managed to draw out, I applaud you.”

Tali Yehezkel, SM advertising agency.


“The photographs are extremely beautiful and very professional.

The attention to detail is unmistakable.
I shoot with you often, but this session has been truly outstanding.” 

Yohi Bodek, Hamat.